Handcrafted enamel jewellery by Frey Wille

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FREY WILLE's Sarah Bernhardt DIVA bangle from the Hommage a Alphonse Mucha, Collection. Inspired by Mucha's distinctive art-nouveau tendril motifs, this collection features two color variations - aquamarine with light and dark blue tones and burgundy red enamel detail with yellow gold decor mountings as shown.

Handcrafted enamel jewellery

Handcrafted enamel jewellery

All of FREY WILLE's jewelry is made in limited quantities by hand in Vienna and sold at FREY WILLE boutiques, partner jewelers and duty free outlets around the world.

Handcrafted enamel jewellery

Handcrafted enamel jewellery

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Are there any stores in Texas (USA) that handle Frey Willie enamel jewelry?


No, but they have a shop in California.

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